National Gallery of Art

iPad app and website applications for
NGAkids' ArtZone, a site introducing visitors
to a wide variety of approaches to art


Software installations in an interactive
children's art museum

Schneider / Cohen Children's Hospital

Design and fabrication of interactive artworks
throughout public spaces of the hospital

Fire Island Lighthouse

Sotware and murals inteactively explaing the
, function, and science the light.

Caleb Smith State Park Preserve

Planning for a natural history museum and
software development & kiosk installation

South Fork Natural History Museum

Video and sound installations tell the story of
the formation and environment of Long Island

Science World British Columbia

Projecting installation of KaleidoDraw software
for the new Eureka gallery

Brooklyn Children's Museum

Pattern making software for a NSF sponsored
traveling show and website, Pattern Wizardry

Long Island Children's Museum

Design, development and fabrication of
exhibit galleries, software, signage . . . .

Long Island Maritime Museum

Mural and software tellibng the stories of
shipwrecks, rescuers and guiding lights.

San Francisco Exploratorium

Terraforms, a duet for sandbox and computer
simulating meandering river systems

Sag Harbor Whaling Museum

Catch a Wave - Interactive tank for making waves
and riding waves on a mini surfboard.

Three Village Historical Society 

Spies: Software and murals tell the story of
a band of American spies during the Revolution.

DAR Museum

Mural and software offering the art and practice
of Decorative Arts in America


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