ARTitoriumhas opened its doors in a renovated movie theater in Idaho Falls. It's a unique facility that combines art and technology to create an interactive space that is perfect for children of all ages. Protozone has developed sixteen art-making programs installed on large touch screens and touch work stations throughout the ARTitorium galleries.

ActionBrushster, KaleidoYou and Flow greet visitors as they enter, encouraging them to produce dynamic abstractions with intuitive interfaces using ordinary brushes and/or fingertips. Even toddlers produce striking results.
motion wall
Creation Stations offer a menu leading to hands-on experiences with art-making throughout the centuries. Visitors can save and share their creations for printing and posting sharing,

ActionPainter is a "sit-down" abstractionist with a variety of surfaces, brushes and special effects

CollageMachine provides snippets of photos, cut-outs, and assorted Idaho images. Visitors do the rest. iScape gathers elements from the west and visitors add and move the pieces, changing skies and lighting.
Still Life mashes up personal and appropriated objects and visitors construct their own compositions. StonePainter takes visitors back to the "beginning" with a variety of stones, petroglyphs and brushes. KaleidoDraw helps users create zero-dimensional rosettes with palettes of colors and images.
BorderLiners offers palettes and symmetry options to produce one-dimensional motifs. WallOvers speads visitors' patterns across the screen to create two-dimensional patterns. A gallery provides a place for users to save and see their creations, sharing them with other visitors using the Station.

AnimationStation is a stop-motion "machine" with trays of moveable and bendable objects with which visitors create, view, save and share endless scenarios drawn from their imaginations.

TuneUp is a real-time music visualizer with an extensive menu of effects and sampled piano and guitar notes to produce user-controlled colorful dynamic sound displays.
GreenRoom, with John Crawford, sets the stage for impromtu performances set against backgrounds from around the world and beyond - both stills and looping video. Menu driven, visitors can select scenes, special mirror effects and music to set the beat. With an option to rehearse and save, recorded videos can be shared to the server.
In VirtualGallery, visitors can browse over 300 artworks from the 15th century to today on six large touch-screen,searching by artist, style, period, nation, and more.

Artworks are from the collections of the National Gallery of Art and the Smthsonian American Art Museum, Washington D.C.