The National Gallery of Art, Washington has released our iPad app which offers exploration and experimentation with 300 years of hands-on art history - for kids and their grownups. NGAkids Art Zone uses eight paintings in the musuem collection as points of departure for intuitive interactive modules that open worlds of art-making.

Download it for free from the App Store.

Add your own face to a mashup of Folk Art paintings, changing clothing, hairstyle, background and foreground - along with sound effects.

Based on Edward Hicks' Peaceable Kingdom, rearrange the landscape, add and remove animals, trees, and skies - and numerous surprises.

Set sail on the rolling seas with Fitz Henry Lane. Change and move the pieces around for some dramatic results. Seascape animates as you play.

Move "paint" around in this impressionistic foray. Choose from still ife paintings or import your own photos, select brushes and size and go to work.

Go wild with Action Painter, following in the path of Franz Kline. A variety of "abstract" brushes make the path easy - but not too easy!

Explore color theory in this riff on Joseph Albers. A wide range of colors fills a set of designs following specific rules - or you can make up your own.

Wander in fields of color in Mark Rothko's footsteps. This module renders your shapes and color choices as soft veils of transparent hues.

Mix it up in the collage maker with a built-in collection of snippets and the tools for importing your own images.

There's also a sketchbook
for doodles and notes and
a gallery for saving and
sharing your creations.


You can also check out
a series of interactive pieces
we've made for the NGA website.