An exhibit we completed for the Three Village Historical Society

An extensive software installation set in a "period" kiosk tells the stories of a group of spies operating on Long Island during the Revolutionary War providing valuable information for George Washington - with games, narrations, background histories and more.

"I'm delighted to tell you that the exciting exhibit you designed for us, Spies! How A Group of Long Island Patriots Helped George Washington Win the Revolution, has been attracting children and adults to our doors since our opening day. ProtoZone did a fabulous job creating a colorful, informative, and fun space at the Three Village Historical Society, to help us educate visitors about our shared local history."

Elizabeth Kahn Kaplan
Project Director, Spies! Exhibit


Vinyl print murals wrap around the walls depicting the characters and events in the small Long Island town in which these dramas unfolded.

Wall view