LICM opened the doors of its current location at Mitchel Field in 2002 with a suite of software programs designed by Al and exhibits directed and managed by Al and Jim - the beginning of a partnership that led to Protozone. Here are some screens and info for many of the programs - most of which are still running.

Pattern Studio offers KaleidoDraw, WallOvers,Borderliners, KaleidoPix, and Around the World - all with interactive drawing apps to create symmetry patterns revealing a world of magic and math.

Around the World
The ways in which various cultures have used patterns to create beauty and find order in the universe is incredibly diverse but all follow mathematical rules of symmetry. Numerous applications open from a map interface providing drawing tools (algorimically controlled), visual examples, background information, and more.

Uccello a virtual potters' wheel with which children spin out solids of revolution and "skin" them with patterns of their choice or creation. The resulting objects can be rotated and viewed in 3-D (with red/green glasses).

DollHouse opens the door to a world of pattern. Dozens of drawing applications enable users to add their own designs or choose from pattern libraries to a make their own magical space. Clicking on windows, doors and other objects in the house reveals other surprises.

Sandy Island, in the gallery of the same name, is a storehouse of information, animations and interactive games with which children can discover the story of the formation of Long Island - their own "sandy island".

Motion Beach accompanies a large-scale physical sand and wave tank, recording it's changes over time intervals with settings and playback controls and a library of time-lapse beach formations in other parts of the world.

Sandy Art adds a multi-disciplinary approach (as many of our projects strive to do) offering hands-on art making apps from other cultures and other times.

Making Faces in Communication Station is software with live video input by which kids can mix up their expressions along with those of earlier visitors to make some startling new combinations.