The Marine Marine Environmental Stewardship Center helps orient visitors in their explorations of the beaches, marshes and wetlands of this Brookhaven Town Preserve in Mount Sinai Harbor, NY. Protozone was commisssioned to design and implement software, video, trail signs, murals, models and more.

wetlands pan
WETLANDS software is a virtual tour of this vitally important ecosystem of this Mount Sinai environment. Opening to a scrolling vista of types of welands, hundreds of native speciesrespond to taps with animations, sounds and info. Other modules include puzzles, maps, threats and solutions.
wet screens

MARSH and BEACH touch-screen installations are virtual journeys through the habitats of Mount Sinai Harbor offering dozens of activites for visitors of all ages. Navigable landscapes, drawing apps, puzzles, field guides, videos, animations, sounds and menus provide paths for further exploration. SPECIES
Aqua room

touch-screen are set against an underwater mural wrapping around the room. The software puts visitors at the controls of an imaginary submarine navigating the waters of the harbor and Long Island Sound. Dozens of animating species swim through an endless panorama with seaweeds waving in the gentle waves, crabs scurrying across the sea bottom, and occasional treasures to be found. A pop-up Fish-Mix lets visitors add their own mashups to the scene. A scavanger hunt challenges kids to find as many species as they can tap in a minute.

aqua comp


Mt Sinai Touch


stream table

An alcove with a seashore backdrop offers a sensory TOUCH environment fo young visitors to get their hands on some of the fauna of Long Island Sound (using some cast objects and some easily found real ones with the edges sanded down).

top: A set of puzzles challenge visitors to discover WHO EATS WHOM in Mt. Sinai ecosystems. Pieces fit together in a way that specifies predator and prey relationships.
eats connection

bottom: a moveable / adjustable STREAM TABLE for hands-on demonstrations of river formation, erosion and deposition.

Nitro room

An Informational mural with an embedded touchscreen interactively tell the story of the NITROGEN CYCLE and the threats that an out-of-balance cycle can pose to our envirionment.

On the adjacent wall a mural describes the waste, processes and benefits of RECYCLING.