logo CALEB SMITH STATE PARK PRESERVE is a gem located in Smithtown New York. Friends of Caleb Smith, a not-for profit group organized to support this Park, has commisssioned Protozone to develop a plan for a revitalized natural history museum and to implement software, kiosk installations, and exhibits to present the treasures of the Park to the visiting public.


A touch-screen kiosk WELCOMES visitors to the museum with activities, maps, an introduction to its history, habitats, and inhabitants, and a gallery.
Designed for young visitors, HISTORIES offers stories, games, puzzles, sights and sounds as a fun and meaningful path from the past into the present . . and "histories" because there's often more than one version and many of them "hers".

RIVERRUN follows the course of the Nissequogue River as it flows through the Preserve. With a set of interactive layered screens, the software presents the geography, history, tides & currents, sights, and sounds of the river.


pond MICRO-POND is a virtual microscope inviting visitors into the waters of Willow Pond revealing its myriad of tiny creatures. Interactive controls adjust magnification, poupulation density, microscope tracking and more. Touching an animating animal identifies it with more information and some surprising reactions.
TRAIL SIGNS guide and inform viistors as they traverse woods, field, streams, and colonial buildings of the Preserve. Many of the signs are augmented with solar powered audio units offering stories, effects and animal sounds to the experience of walking the trails. signs

A 3-D TOPOGRAPHIC DIORAMA of the Preserve lays out the land for visitors as they begin their adventures. With scale models of buildings (past and present), push buttons that light up features, and artifact display space below, the diorama helps to being the the Preserve to life.

WHOM EATS WHOM turns food webs into a set of software puzzles which dynamically illustrate the varied relationships between predators and prey of the Preserve.




A 3-D model with larger than life species sculptures reveals the diversity of a ROTTING LOG COMMUNITY. Doors unfold and slide to dioramas within the log, open ends hold some of the larger inhabitants, lights and lenses add to the exploration, and cabinet drawers open with information about the community.