The Explorium in Port Jefferson, NY is hands-on discovery center with exhibits and activites bringing martime sciences to life with a constructivist approach to education.  

WheelHouse software offers a virtual cruise through the shallows and depths of Port Jefferson Harbor with viisitors at the controls of an imaginary navigable boat. A steering wheel points young captains out to sea with an invisible color-coded algorithm monitoring the depth at any given location. A depth finder, radar, charts, compass, and speed controls provide feedback during the journey. Info about highlights along the shore pop-up with a click. The weather can change with sudden storms, rough seas and heavy fog. Bells, foghorns, engine rumble, and noisy birs add to the experience.


Topo Table is an idealized 3-D model of Port Jefferson Harbor. Visitors use rods inserted in a superimposed plexi grid to measure and chart the depths on a paper hand-out.