Designer, Builder, Manager


Jim brings over 30 years of project management experience to the ProtoZone Interactive Design Studio. Growing up in rural Canada he learned to create whatever was needed from available resources. He built on this experience resourcefully during his many years of being in charge of projects with demanding timelines and budgets constraints.

After graduating with a professional degree in geology Jim spent the next ten years managing progressively more complex projects throughout the world from the Northwest Territories to the Caribbean.

Moving to New York in 1982, Jim took advantage of several opportunities to use his creative gifts. He joined a landscape design build company and soon became a principal member of this small but growing company. Jim later became certified in landscape design from the New York Botanical Gardens and eventually became president of Botanical Services, Inc. As CEO he was responsible for the functional and creative design aspects of the company managing commercial and residential projects throughout Long Island, New York City, Connecticut and New Jersey. He sold this business in 1999 and sought opportunities to take his experience, skills and talents to even higher levels in several new areas of interest.

As director of operations of a community based not-for-profit (Huntington Township Chamber Foundation), he established a functional local area network, web site, developed several fundraising campaigns and helped introduce business practices to the organization Following the completion of this project, Jim teamed up with a long time associate Al Jarnow to design and develop exhibits for the Long Island Children Museum. Three galleries of hands-on imaginative, educational, fun exhibits were created on time and within budget.

This dynamic experience was so rewarding that Jim and Al decided to continue their alliance combining their complementary skills and experience to create ProtoZone Inc., an interactive design studio.