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Just wanted to provide you with some positive feedback for your product.  My son was recently at Schneiders Childrens Hospital for double hernia surgery.  Both pre and post surgery, Joshua was enthralled with your computer program that is available on computers in the waiting areas.  The colors, shapes and designs are brilliant and intriguing and appeal to all ages (my husband and I had fun making our own creations) Once home, I was quick to research your product and was pleased to add it to my sons Chanukah gifts.  He continues to CREATE daily & I thank you for the hours of entertainment you have provided.
Best of Luck.

Kaleidodraw was awesome! Our guests had the best time creating with the program. We sold out at about the same time our exhibit ended. It was one of our all time favorites up there with Harry Potter and M&M math!
Joleen A. Ryan
Assistant Curator
Buell Children's Museum

My kids loved the Kaleidoscope program that you had given me at the Christmas party last year, then when we went to Schneider children's hospital the other programs and that one were all over. Where do I get these programs, I'd like to give them as gifts. They are right when they say for ages up to 99, we all played with them at Schneider's hospital while waiting hours for my daughters jaw surgery.
Take care, Susie

Every once and a while you stumble across something really neat...and you want to share it. The website ProtoZone is a prime example....and I hope I do it justice.The website was created by two gentlemen, Al Jarnow and and James Metcalfe, who make "things that move . . . and keep on moving eyes and hands and gears and minds." That is, they specialize in the creation of interactive projects at museums and child exhibits. And, they are kind enough to share some of their software creations. Some of my "first" favorites:
Borderliners: Lets user explore the seven frieze (wallpaper border patterns)
WallOvers: Lets user explore some of the 2-D wallpaper patterns
LinoTiler: Lets user explore the geometrical patterns underlying tile floors
HexTiles: Lets user explore Islamic-like patterns
Sampler: Lets user explore the visual effects of geometric transformations (linear)
Quilter: Lets user explore the visual effects of geomeric transformations (planer)
MagicCarpet: Lets user explore symmetry patterns via the creation of a carpet design
KalideoDraw: Lots of fun with symmetry
Ucello: Creation of 3-D objects involving symmetry...fantastic!
Cubits: The dream of every teacher who has worked with stacked-cube problems
ShellSpinner: Lets user explore the geometry of shell patterns
uSHELLo: Combines Ucello with ShellSpinner
Mobile: Interesting geometry...and some physics via Archimedes law of the lever
SpaceCadet: Lets user create 3-D objects, rotate them, etc. (i.e. visual play!)
BeeBopper: A new variation on an old solitaire game
Hex-Plex: Challenges user to recreate visual patters
The Game of Life: John Conway's creation created in a new way.....I suggest you read up on the "Game of Life"...what it is about, rules, etc. as that is needed to make this software of value
This is only part of what is offered. They also have "art machines"...but they lost my interest relative to the above suggestions. Also, the website includes a gallery of some of the two men's creations for childrens' museums. It looks like they are having fun...and sneaking in some mathematics and science when possible.

Have fun with the web site....hope you can find a place to insert some of their creations into your curriculum.
Jerry Johnson
Dept of Math
Western Washington University

I am 70. My grand daughter is just 4 and both of us get much pleasure using it. Although 'magical' to a small child, she soon grasped what was going on. The secret, of course, is knowing when to stop and her judgment of this became more and more interesting as she explored the possibilities. The permutations are endless so each saved pattern will be unique.- Greta.

Thank you. Liam was entranced by the program when he was using it at Vancouver's Science World; he loves art, and I know he'll be thrilled when he finds that he can use it at home.

My son thinks that is the best thing he has ever worked with on the computer! He is 6 years old and very artistic, this is a true gem for him.
Thank you!

Protozone Al Jarrow
This newly available software runs very quickly and easily on either 'Windows' or 'Mac' machines and allows the creation of a multitude of patterns with mirror and rotational symmetry or rotational symmetry only. Different kinds of circle symmetry, ink colours, line widths and pen types are instantly available at the click of a mouse. As its name suggests it is rather like an electronic form of a traditional kaleidoscope but of course with the added advantage that especially beautiful designs can be easily printed, emailed or saved to use in other applications.

Protozone- Geometric shapes, symmetry through the use of hi-tech visuals.  Personal favorite.
W. D. Richards Elementary School- Teachers' Resources

Yesterday I told you about some fun pattern making programs at the Long Island Children's Museum, but complained that the link for the wallpaper maker wasn't working... Well, today I have a link for the wallpaper program, and in fact, the mothership link for all these fascinating toys. ProtoZone Interactives is the company that created the software for the Children's Museum and many other organizations. Check out this page of 20 interactives, including 10 drawing and pattern applications. I made the backgrounds below with the Wallover program and the very, very nifty "Linotiler".

These are not programs designed for creating seamless tiles, however, so you will have to make a screen shot of the image, isolate a repeating section, and then crop and size. But even if you are not interested in making tiles with the applications, they are absolutely addicting to play with. I found myself especially mesmerized by the "Borderliner", and made this little tesselated fish tile with it. I also have this tile I put together from a Kaleidodraw image. For even more ProtoZone creativity, explore this page.

Just want to say what a brilliant website this is, I love anything to do with art and this just keeps on amazing me what you have done.

Just a couple of words of appreciation for your beautiful site. As a former graphic artist (Edinburgh) in the days previous to computer art, I see what I missed! But as a grandmother, I can tell you that the young children are certainly appreciating this site as much as anyone and developing curiosity and skill..with your help.
Sincerely, Brenda

I write to you from Spain. My name is Gines and i work for a children's arts school in Spain. We are very proud of your working with children and new technologies. Really, when we found Protozone Web page we thought "that was what we where looking for".
Best wishes:

Just wanted to let you know how much the kids in my school have enjoyed your program, KaleidoDraw.
- Dana, Art teacher

Kaleidodraw is up and running in the hospital and it is fantastic.  You absolutely have to see for yourself ­ it looks incredibly well built, sturdy and indestructible, and the software is engaging, fun and vibrant.  The kids love it. It is more wonderful than I imagined
- Lisa

I really enjoyed playing around with it. Drawing programs are very popular among kids and this one has a nice special quality. Specific aspects that I think kids will enjoy are the "auto draw", the special pen points (you have a nice selection of pictures), and the rainbow pen point. The save option is very nice especially since it shows a thumbnail image in the gallery. Makes the selection much easier.I think it is a fantastic program that illustrates the concept of symmetry in a fun and easy way. Kids will have fun making beautiful, creative pictures and learn something too. Good Luck and Thank You!
- Beata

We have now had Kaleidodraw installed in our lab for several weeks. Anytime the kids have free time I see half or more of the screens full of kaleidodraw images. It is great fun and has opened many neat conversations about symmetry. Thanks!
- Gary, 4th Grade teacher

Diamondgate è il titolo che accomuna di una serie di esperimenti realizzati da Al Jarnow della Protozone Interactive. Questi moduli in Flash utilizzano in maniera intensiva le possibilità del comando rollOver allo scopo di visualizzare la reazione di superfici e forme ad un campo dinamico. Al passaggio del mouse, infatti, le forme disegnate si trasformano in maniere diverse, secondo proprietà fisiche e visive possibili solo in uno spazio astratto. Gli stati degli elementi coinvolti variano a seconda delle condizioni e della reciproca interazione, concretizzando una visione transitoriamente liquida delle forme che sublima in 'Depcharge' e 'Pool' con una prospettiva dinamica in continua ridefinizione e capace di restituire all'occhio le sensazione di una forma di vita digitale autonoma.
13.02.03 Diamondgate, astratte superfici reattive.

A site you have to see for yourself - words don't do it justice !!! Recommended
- One Mason Place

We love the Collage Machine!!!!
Dear Tech. Wizards,
I am a student teacher attending Webster University in St. Louis, Mo. I took a graduate class called Internet for Educators last spring. One of the assignments was to come up with a list of websites for a first year teacher in my field (art). Somehow through the grace of the art gods, I stumbled across your collage machine. Not only have I experienced profound joy, but I have been able to engage students that are basically "checked out".

    The two best stories have to do with elementary kids. "Sam" had been going through a lot of stuff in his home life. He was not cooperating at school. He really just wanted everyone to leave him alone. He had finished a project early and was disturbing the class. I told him that if he could behave for the duration of the class, I would set him up with a really cool project the next week. So, the next class I was prepared with the collage machine and the paintbox. This little 5th grader was so enthusiastic he ran home and told his dad that he had the best day at school he had ever had. The child told all the other kids and news spread like wild fire. I had to keep the site posted for extension projects for the duration of my time at the school. "Sam" has a renewed interest in art and is planning on taking art at the middle school next year.

    The other student was a 4th grader, "Dilly". She has Down's syndrome. Once again, engagement was a challenge with this child. All she really wanted to do was look at books during class. I asked her shadow teacher if she could manipulate a mouse and I got a positive response. "Dilly" got on the collage machine and we couldn't get her off. She was finally making art and being successful.

    I shared this compilation including your website with all of the art teachers in the district. They are utilizing it in many creative ways. As I move on into an actual career as an art teacher, your site will be one that I continue to share with not only art teachers, but classroom teachers also. Keep up the good work!!!!! You are helping us out in the trenches. Often as teachers we never know about the lives we have effected. You all need to know how important this service is and how greatly you have helped me create a positive environment for my students.

Kudos!!!!! Keep the great sites coming! Sincerely and in great admiration,
- Carrie