DISCOVER THE SMILE FOUNDATION commissioned us to develop interactive artworks in the public spaces of Cohen Children's Hospital - now part of Northwell. The objective is to transform children's healthcare facilities into magical, child-friendly environments, creating atmospheres that put smiles on young faces to help relieve some of the emotional stress of hospital visits for children and their families, and to positively impact the outcome of treatment.
A sandcastle mural spans the Pediatric Cardiology Waiting Room.


AQUA CIRCUS is a mechanical aquarium. Two eight foot high two foot square tanks house assorted creatures and special effects that children can set in motion revealing some principles of animal locomotion and mechanization.

KALEDIODRAW reveals the magic of mandala-likeĀ patterns created by kids and grownups. This totally engaging experience has a calming effect as participants explore the infinite possibilities of the program in a triple screen kiosk. kiosk
space hall SPACE HALL Two 46 foot long murals of the Solar System and the space beyond engage visitors and staff as they pass down a corridor connecting Schneider Children's Hospital to Long Island Jewish Medical Center. Sensors trigger space sounds as visitors move through the hallway.


space murall galaxy

Aqua Mural

Offering a play area within the Pediatric Oncology Waiting Room, Aqua Mural wrapsthe walls 25' around a soft matted floor. The vinyl mural is mounted on a metallic painted wall holding a large set of magnetically backed fish that can be moved around the scene.