I've built on the beach for as long as I remember, using materials and tools easily found on any shore: a spectra of stones, the curved edge of a shell, adjustable sticks & reeds, slender dune grasses, discarded plastic toys and debris, sand - and my hands. Sooner or later a rising tide finds my cities by the sea. I used to bring a camera occasionally. More often now . . .

The work progresses (or regresses) in non-sequential order through much of art and architectural history. I've borrowed widely from many cultures and tried to find fundamentals of form and expression. The website is organized by year and materials. After mostly coming to terms with building self-destructing ephemera and photographing it for "permanence", my intentions (aside from waiting for the next warm day) are to print large-scale images and publish the work as a series of books.

I shot the images (after 2003) with an Olympus C-8080, 8 megapixel camera. Average rectangular resize is 3224 x 2248 pixels. Many of the pictures are seamed together in Photoshop composites ranging to 25,000 pixels in the longest dimension. All have high enough resolution for large-scale prints. For now, the images gather as 8.5" x 11" prints in a growing series of albums.

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