Finding directions in histories forwards and backwards, looking for iconic symbols, fundamental designs and elemental paths that reveal patterns and lend definitions with whatever crude misspellings. I've borrowed / pilfered / appropriated / cut and copied from 40,0000 years of precedent, only lacking the codebook for some of the rhythms and rhymes.

I've photographed the images with a variety of cameras, mostly whatever is at hand ranging from hi-res video > Olympus 8 megapixel > assorted devices. Average rectangular resize is 3224 x 2248 pixels. Many of the pictures are seamed together in Photoshop composites and panoramas ranging to 25,000 pixels in the longest dimension. The images gather in several forms: this website, final hi-res files, printed albums 11" x 8.5", a growing PDF which I may distribute here, and . . .

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STAFF - Green Hill, 2017